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Remote Working Checklist

Remote work is not always the same as working from home. To work remotely you’ll need to have a working space with connectivity and some amenities to function productively. We suggest the G Suite set of products to keep your productivity at an optimum level.

We can also advise on more specialized Apps and management of your G Suite environment by tailoring your experience and providing the knowledge you require to to take your business to the next level, so why not give us a call?

Here's a quick Checklist to help you ensure your working environment is suitable and complete for working remotely 👍

Internet (Wifi)

You’ll need a wifi adapter or built-in wifi for your computer or laptop so that you do not have to install cabling.

Suitable Internet Speed

When you connect to the internet and open your browser, you can test your internet speed to see if it’s sufficient by typing ‘internet speed test’ into your search bar. In the search results you’ll see an 'Internet speed test' box with a bright blue button that says ‘RUN SPEED TEST’. Click it to run the test and see your results, which will include a section at the bottom that says what your connection should be able to handle.


If you are using a stand-alone computer, ensure you have a webcam attached, for your laptop you should have a built-in camera - but please check and ensure it’s in working order

Headphones and Microphone

Most laptops have a built-in microphone and speakers - however we suggest using headphones to minimize background noise. For your stand-alone computer you will need to ensure you have a microphone available, or headphones with microphone functionality.

Work VPN

This is needed to access folders and applications that are only available on the work network. If you need a VPN system for your company please contact

Seating Area

Choose a seating area with a solid working surface that has enough space for your laptop, mouse, notepad, phone and perhaps a refillable water container. Make sure you are in a healthy seating position to prevent back and wrist strain.

Stationary & Bag Items

Tech consumables Include batteries for your wireless mouse and keyboard a laptop charger, phone charge cable or phone battery pack. Stationary items to include in your bag might be a pen, writing pad, some sticky notes and a refillable water container.


A Printer with scanning function might be required for documents that need to be Authorised and/or Signed.